Denzel Washington

In this picture we litsezrim future of our world subsequently worldwide catastrophe. And it is not as significant as actually it was destroyed: nuclear strike, war or natural disasters. Essentially one thing – happened to the absolute collapse of civilization. This enabled us to reflect on the world will look like, mutilated catastrophe that happens to humanity when it is put back to basic lifestyle. It may be that the land will prevail iniquity, but remains a bit smart and brave people, koi again will find a reason of life will become leaders and will lead for a rest. " 'Sometimes people are slipping into a primitive living standards, show its true face – says Allen Hughes – and any conflict in this case becomes more critical. The most basic choice that stands before man in this situation – to die or squeezed. We would strongly like to see audiences embraced 'The Book' as a movie about how precious our lives are and how important it to appreciate.

This story concerns the universal timeless themes, broadcasts about faith, loyalty, sacrifice and most of the main thing about hope. These themes have forced us to think and we tried to open them the language of cinema '. 'At first I was not very interested in this role – confessed to Denzel Washington, however, then my son told me that I must play in this picture. He also persuaded me to do a film 'training day' and 'American Gangster', therefore, I again decided to listen to him. " Well as Washington, which celebrated in 1954 decided to shoot himself in all the complicated action scenes and fights without understudies-stunt.

Ready to shoot the actor best trained masters of martial arts in Hollywood: Danny Ino-santo and Jeff Imada. As a result, Denzel achieved such results that the episodes with elements of the battle can be was to shoot the first take, and without outside assistance. Jeff Imada, stunt coordinator, said that none of the winners of the 'Oscars' are not yet represented by such large-scale scenes of martial arts. 'The scenes with elements of the battle in the' Book of Eli 'most similar to street fights. Then apply the most versatile weapons: knives, sticks, swords, – has told namImada – In order to save their own lives, destined to accomplish the mission, Eli uses everything that comes to him arm. The film contains scenes of battle with a gang who surrounded Eli, like a pack of wolves, also has a fight one on one. "

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