Martial Arts

Sometimes you ask a man what he was doing and he responds to you that Ken-do, rb, wushu, judo, or something else like that. No, I'm going now to rub that Aikido – best of all. I just want people to rethink a little bit their activities in these areas. In order to understand what I am saying we need to understand a few terms. Many people disagree with them, but you can replace them with others, the essence will not change. Here's one term – 'dogfight'. This term, unfortunately, also has become a brand, and now crowds of people engaged in rb. In my opinion, such an approach is absurd.

Dogfight should be considered only in the literal sense, ie as a process. It follows that if two another went to engage in melee combat, one of them home or do not return, or return on crutches. But if the street you are attacked and you fight, the moment you are engaged in melee combat, self defense, etc. And in training you they hardly engaged in serious, if only in the form of sparring. Second term – 'martial art'.

This self-expression, creation, reflection of the inner mental state during the fight, when your every stroke is not of the mind, and from soul. There should be rules and restrictions. If you're trying to be expressed within the rules of any style, you will not work. I, for example, will play first came into the soul of melody, and then I'll understand, to jazz or blues it's closer.

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